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7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Dresses For Girls

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Dresses For Girls

kate quinn

Sometimes I struggle to find the right dresses for my daughters. There are so many things that I expect from dresses. However recently I have gotten the purchase down to a science but learning a few tips that I will share with you today.
I was lucky enough to be able to work with Kate Quinn Organicsfor a review and I received two darling dresses from their collection. I was sent the Long Sleeve…

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Dove Men + Care Target All-Star Dad Contest #DoveAllStarDad

Dove Men + Care Target All-Star Dad Contest #DoveAllStarDad #sponsored

Dad’s are special!  My dad was the first man I ever loved, and he is the reason it took me almost 28 years to get married.  I grew up watching him treat my mother like his most valued piece of treasure, he loved her, protected her, and supported her.  I didn’t settle down until I meet a man who could compare to my father.  Before I meet my husband, I was super picky when it came to dating.  Which…

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Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe #ProudOfIt

Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe #ProudOfIt #sponsored

disclosureThis year for Easter will we be having our annual Easter barbecue with all our friends and family, the kids will be hunting Easter eggs, there will be lots of laughs, and plenty of memories made.   It seems like every year we make more and more hard-boiled eggs, because there are more children.  Which is GREAT, I love kids, but with that many hard-boiled eggs you must have something planned. …

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“Gettin Piggy With It”

“Gettin Piggy With It”

Now let’s get messy with Pig of the Month BBQ.  O MY Gosh!!  Do you like barbeques? How about barbequed ribs or pulled pork?  Pig of the Month BBQ is the place to go to get the World’s Best BBQ and it is sent directly to your door. 

Gettin Piggy With It

Pig of the Month BBQ was kind enough to send me some Key West Themed Fully Cooked Pork Ribs, Garlic Sausages, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Key West…

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Weigh Yourself Accurately

In our household we have about three (3) bath scales and on any given day you can weigh yourself on each with each giving you a different reading.  Ozeri Rev ™ Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial gives you a true and accurate weight each and every time. 

Weigh Yourself Accurately


Ozeri Rev™ Digital Bath Scale

 I received an Ozeri Rev™ Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial…

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WOW! Get a FREE Nutrisystem® Fast5™ Kit and SAVE an extra $10 on Nutrisystem! #Fast5Free

WOW! Get a FREE Nutrisystem® Fast5™ Kit and SAVE an extra $10 on Nutrisystem! #Fast5Free

This post brought to you by Nutrisystem. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a huge fan of Nutrisystem.  I was on the program bout two years ago, for six months, lost almost 35 pounds, and felt great the entire time.  I also learned a lot about dieting while I was on the Nutrisystem.  I learned there is no magic fix for losing weight; it takes time, a good diet, dedication, and exercise. …

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Love To Shop Online? 4 Safety Tips On Choosing Children’s Toys.

Love To Shop Online? 4 Safety Tips On Choosing Children’s Toys.

Boy do I love shopping online especially with As Seen On TV Hot 10!! You know by now I’m big on children’s toys that help to promote & build their motor skills, anything actually being educational, to spark young imaginations. I’m always looking for great deals on name brand products and quality children’s toys. I love when I can get a bargain shopping online or even something for almost…

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Relive the Memories

It seems to be the norm these days to take pictures on the drop of a dime.  From selfies to family time and everything in between, the memories we capture are priceless.  A huge thank you to for providing me, for review purposes only, with a unique way to display the memories I cherish.  

Relive the Memories

Trying to come up with something that would show off those special memories…

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Your Common Beauty Problems Solved with Help From Fran Wilson

Your Common Beauty Problems Solved with Help From Fran Wilson

Beauty Products that Are Easy to Use and Help You Look and Feel Great

Fran Wilson Logo

Fran Wilson is a great company for go to beauty needs that you might have. To be honest I had not really known much about the company when I was asked to do the review. I was very impressed with the vast line of products that they have and all of the common beauty problems that they can solve. So I thought I would give some…

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